Medicinal Fretwork

by Tornup

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My first solo hip-hop album. Not for sale at the moment. The $1000 price isn't real. Just can't turn off the disabling of downloads on this site. Much love. Thank you for listening.


released October 8, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: In The Sun
Demon to my foes
Ghost to my best friends
Sins could've been holy
But that isn't how the quest ends
Questions get the best of men
Your time has come
They bless the lessons to your next of kin

I sought out powers beyond me
Met Blondie on the road
Hella hard on her guard
and I regarded her fondly
She said that she knew Gandhi,
was a zombie telekinetic.

Cosmetics were anesthetic
I passed out
Right as her supernature, I was fixin' to ask bout.
I woke up in a chorus of Horus worshipers:
Legends 'round the cauldron called in
Tall men tossin' dolphin fins up in the pot said,
"For God-like powers and wisdom, throw in all in."
So, Muddy rang true with the bloodier studies
Spells from the bayou makin' buddies from putty
Conjuring the slutty sounds of flooded grounds
Nouns: spittin' 'em sorta uptown.
British duds were down.
So, Tornup came through with the porcelain foreskin
Sorta strange dude with remorseless endorsements
Releasing your endorphins with the force of pen.
Spittin' it sorta off course, but of course, it'll spin.
The orbital flow sortable now
When portable and recordable
Source of perception bored and bordered
Dark wielding of the powers telepathic
S.H.I.E.L.D. agents never yielding toward their target demographic...
Take that.
Took years to make that.
I missed out on 90% of my vision and maintained to awake that
See, draining of drum cymbals
Form people who hum hymnals
Their language become symbols
Their bodies become temples
Escaping with rum mentals
Mistaken for dumb, simple numb bums fumbling
Patchworking problems with thumb-thimbled instrumentals
Nimble and eventful pencils remained civil, sentimental, gentle
'Til fundamentalists sent in their sentinels
Now, get your greedy tentacles off me

Your hovercraft's a rental from my bank account
My state of mind delivered Tchaikovsky
Classic masterpieces/bi-centennial works
You dare to lurk like a jerk irkin' a young turk?
I'm berserk murkin' 'em now that I'm savvy
And I'm manipulating your gravity
D's ain't baggin' me
I throw 'em in the cavity
Toss your soul down into the black hole
Lose, gain, and maintain control
This ain't the ol' popularity poll
Your role was staged
So was the fame
When revealed, goals change
Then, so does the game
You believed you ruled the world
Your wealth afforded the claim
We tolerated the tension until
A war, it became
"Warlocks Versus Powers That Be!!!"
That's what the headlines would read.
Your paper's cover had a picture of me
Standing next to a building's debris
Like, "Come get it."
Got the feds panicking, frantic, and dumb-witted
Got the average man thinking I was the one wicked
Then, got my fellow fellas all jealous with some livid
The cult and fed's teamin' up to fuck me bred Tornup's ligament literature
I tore their bodies limb-from-limb then left it as my signature.

Skies open, rays of light, Allah beckonin'
Requestin' me to serve him as an angel in the reckonin'
Return to Earth in new form as a billboard sayin', "I'm Second" and
I told him I can work with that, Almighty. Thanks for checkin' in
Now, awake and alive
Facin' the dive
Grace in the drive
Lacin' the live
Bass in this place
Ace, I revive the pulse of a vanguard struggle Bolivian
Engulfed in unhampered jungle rumble oblivion
Blood was slushin', rushin', and gushin' from my head onto my fatigues
C.I.A. and local government's there plotted intrigue
I reached for the wet land to cake my hair
It matted it, clotting my wound
Bullets ripped through Che Guevara's leg
Enemies thought we were doomed.
Assumed goners, the heavy fumes of the horror

Made me nauseous, cautious to grab the one-shell loaded bazooka
But when I witnessed Che pick up the AK and go Cuba,
We fed 'em lead like Christ fed fish
2,000 troopers smoked like hookah
My skin began to disintegrate
My soul belonged to the future further pursuits of two Kings named Martin Luther
With karma super
In the first instance, I had just died of the plague
Then, lightly touched a friar with the desire to keep The Bible vague by all means
Then, I saw things as a man with no face
Who blew his head off in a motel room then got up and
Raced out of the place to chase a racist F.B.I. agent adjacent and waste him with haste
For tryna erase a leader of the oppressed however interlaced
He pleaded for the coup de grace like finish me,
But I didn't replenish his ministry
He would've immediately resurrected as a similar villainous entity
I simply left 'em to the top lawmen that he failed in Tennessee
As I dematerialized,
Reappeared in the skies,
And was told that I spent several thousands of years in disguise
I said, "Clearly, what I'm hearing is lies"
Searing through my face were the tears in my eyes
"No, my child", He said, "I assure you, this was severe enterprise
I needed a spirit strong to possess vessels of the dead celestially
and in addition to that, be able to wrestle with the many living devils successfully
You've cycled through a million identities
In an attempt to remedy evil and restore serenity
I, hereby, grant you clemency/supremacy as a witness of time shifts
My divine gift's The Sphinx in Egypt
A modest shrine to the rhymes dished
Sounds waves we travel on enter our minds and twist persistently
Go wield them for a new world in an existence coexistently."
In Giza today, the statue's worn
Not by wind meeting hourglass sand,
But more by the water that enters the desert in portals at points where a timeline expands
Enemies long gone now, I'm to revisit the kin of me who aren't to recognize or remember me

'Cause in the night, I stumble in a war with all my flaws
And in the light, I'm humbled by destruction that I've caused.

(multiple zombie-like entities' voices fade in as they talk over each other giving different accounts of how they've interfered with history for the purpose of restoring Holy power)

'Cause in the night, I stumble in a war with all my flaws
And in the light, I'm humbled by destruction that I've caused

(The zombies' voices fade in and out)

And in the night, I stumble in a war with all my flaws...
Track Name: Air Jordans

Flash to move forward
You got the Air Jordans on
'Cause any nigga sorted
You stuck 'em with the short end strong
That was no joke money
We stated up in lands of honey and Borden
Couldn't afford 'em
So bullets soared through
Crews hordin' wrong
Back the fuck up
You scuffed 'em?
Oh, Lord.
It's on.

Fuck the corny shit...

Gettin' it in
Gettin' it in
Gettin' it in
Gettin' it in
Gun in the truck
Runnin' amok
Done in by luck
What in the fuck is this?
Stuck and you can't dismiss
Material life unpragmatic
From crack addicts erratic
To swag fags stylin' dramatic
Fanatics of bureaucratic masters
But faster
Efficiently thrive on disaster
Mass blur
Morbid daze
Hidden in the corporate haze
Indonesian kids bleed for not even tenths of your minimum wage
Choosing medicine or food
Now, who's the slaves?
Who owns the labor?
Who's prone to own the products made?
We determine who's major but we sell our souls
Next to rubber on shelves
We act like Europeans schemin' imperial 'cause we hate ourselves
"But these are velvet"
The next joints, the exploits of Nike Lee getting old
If Nikes could talk, they'd probably
Brag about getting sold.
Track Name: Sex
Foundation on math
Pursuin' a paved path that hath
Action hot on golden calves
Takin' a bath
Had to laugh it off
Authentic time spent hallucinogenic
Me mimic
Schizophrenic cynic cured for life
It's time to wife
I can feel the reservations leavin'
Though God and country recognized us,
I never believed in thievin'
Or Tel Aviv'n
Or, for that matter, conceivin'
Matters weavin' always evenly
I spoke at her flattering
Never deceivingly
No reason to complicate shit yet.
How 'bout maybe later when I'm liftin' her up?
Shift and erupt
What a pleasant sound
Spread it through the town
As I make my rounds astoundin' clowns
Houndin' on the grounded crown well-founded
So what if it's jeweled?
Better gag it
Only motive for hatin' gays
Is you hate women, faggot
Peep the functionality
Consensual groove smooth
The other shit is on some Big Brother shit
Hoover maneuvers shady
I keep that shit separate from me and my lady's sheets
Weakness isn't commonplace when weighted by freaks
Rise to challenge
Devise your own balance
Use talents wisely
Rightly applied when you heard words, "Surprise me."
Grab it and love it
It's habit
I didn't stab it or shove it
I'd rise above the urge convergin' with a virgin
and glove it
I got a blank slate from a date
Couldn't wait to fuck fate
I wouldn't stop 'til I was late, great
But my mate's bait could nonchalantly demolish me
Abolish spirit's will until I'm slaving at the Dollar Tree
Playing petty parts preserving patriarchal policy
I took a look around, the Sun told me, "You're lookin' smallish, G.
Track Name: Acapella (a.k.a. Verse For Overthought)
Two cents:
This the true sense
Screw the nuisance
Buildin' your style up quick and then breakin' it down
Lose the blueprints
You're Hoffa, the lost collateral
Capitalist foolish fuckers hungerin'
Oughta know it's like Jay-Dee
"Only one can win."
So I suppose the whole world's losers
Except the soul who made my whole old block users?
That's class control
I see your aspiration
Slow your role
I'm past debatin' jackers masterbatin'
Harassin' the classic mold
Speakin' at a volume louder than your mentions
Or your pretensions
You're trying to walk a mile under my ground
And you're inchin'
'Cause you can only fake this shit
To make the hits for so long
I take the kit, awaken wit
Breakin' it down 'til the lamens are shakin' it
Game'll get spit
Southern cat shamin' the ritz/glitz
Dash like a dame in these Shlitz grits
Board 'em up, did I?
"Where's Tornup at with that get-high?"
Shots bring offerings illegitimate as Jefferson's offspring
You jet while I'm tossin' unauthorized, oscillated, and contemplated contour you thought you were softening
Offing what you bitch/what you botch
Whatcha Nitch notch
Feelin' an itch? Twitch
Steal a wrist watch
It's high alert
The type of work defined as "a mind's dessert"
Combined with a spine's revert
To gravity's play-dough
Declining when time asserts
Divine devotion
We're runnin' the train and you're low commotion
You and your buddies mob out like the Japanese
When they see us emerge from the ocean
Ridin' the mongoose
The monsoon's loose
Complexion development green
Then the mantra be,
"Nah. Truce, Bruce. Ok?"
That shit is Pre-K
I'm smashin' a drum like I'm DK
Whole world will love me like white dudes
Love Louis C.K.
Seekin' the heat and defeatn' the weak, bleak banter of manwhores
We know what you think you're too good for
What in the fuck do you stand for?
These rappers second guessin'
Straight up be passive with aggression
I'm handin' 'em lessons
I answer their questions
And I'll never have to use discretion
Submit to the fate
To get to the great Leviticus late
Division of power devoured
Debate a bit of the hate
Deflatable state
When I appeared on the fattest snare, caught you gawkin'
But not stoppin'
Thunder makers sought all terror and shocked often
Clear in the baddest air, while I'm rockin', you're cough-droppin'
Undertaker, not Paul Bearer, I drop coffins.
Track Name: Aztec
Tornup was reincarnated from a cannibal mystic
Caught you lookin' up in his books and straight got animalistic
Envisionin' a civilization totally rid of famine and his shtick,
the mythic proportions of his stamina, gets thick
Warriors and engineers
The twin-tube aqueducts
Wrap around a mountain to get back with us
And get the yak in flux
Sierra-Nevada water baptize my daughter
Up in the sacred slaughter
Vacant minds are wasted, not forsaken
Taught her
She's got a blessing and the next best thing:
She's got power
Knowledge is the strength in her hour
And beauty is everything that she sees
Song, dance, long black feathers in the breeze
Hellish degrees
Weather is never an endeavor of ease
Could sacrifice save us from genocide?
Hieroglyphs specific, scientific, intensified, emphasized
In the wrath of all the rain-flow
Last night, I was takin' a bath in an active volcano
Believe it, but that's whatever
Ornaments of jade, that's whatever
Gettin' paid, golden panther statues made, all whatever
Y'all can jam with me
I'm takin' flight by the steeple
Come watch me feed my fuckin' family
Do right by my people
And I will show you
How to grow food
And make your own bread
Sit on your own throne
Lay in your own bed
Do the knowledge
Do the math/history
Pursue your path
Learn from your past
Live your life vast
Fiesta like Mardi Gras
Party raw's an army law
Hex tecs partly drawn
Flew smartly on
Plexed necks strong
Hardy guffaw
Ra Ra!
Straw-beaded squaw
Thighs rise
Cool, but when our peace is treaded on and it's war,
Go all the way in
I'm not playin'
Steady displayin' everything that I'm sayin'
Worthy is a cultivation clever, never in debt
Never regret
Never forget
Your best bet
Track Name: Oh My Who??
It's graphic
The RAM traffic
Gets crammed with a spear and staff
When the Catholics plan havoc
"Oh, my god? Oh, my who?!"
Heads yellin' that shit at me like it's
"Oh, my You!"
I'm kickin' it back like it's
"Oh, my dude"
Sly, crude
Guided, I boast fly like The Most High do
News was T had somethin' for 'em
They said, "Oh, I knew"
Foes close
I glue Haterade and shade on most my shoes
For ankle-weighted exercise
On both sides through
Doin' laps on gaseous Saturn tracks
Pattern facts
Tatter flags of fascist fatter cats
And flow high too
I balance talents in both of the hands
That shot up the man
That shot up Liberty Valance
Valiantly, gallantly roast tycoons
Supposed to be the tightest
Like I fight with Midas
Kill 'em with the slightest touch
Then tell his kids,
"We toast: High-noon"
But I'm a ghost
I just host my room,
Wait until a siren shows up in it,
Dosed, I bloom
Tornup could leave your shelter lookin' post-typhoon
Pushin' the audio dope out
Then scopin' hope out with a crow's eye view
And a slow I.Q.
Flows I slew
Dough size grew
I lit it ablaze
Amazing onlookers, the haze ultraviolet would grow sky blue
I let that motherfucker burn
And the smoke rise too
I did it for multi-moons
Lookin' up the word "fly", Finley's picture's there
Like, "definition - Dope. 'float, flight, flew'
Noun, action word and adjective"
Give it a synonym used in a sentence,
It's Mecha Motherfuckin' Records
Now, you know my crew

Berto G.:

varios de los problemas de la philosophia surgen
por el uso inadequado de el idioma
la inertia que a prevenido a los idealistas en una mano y
a los materialistas en la otra
de llegar a un entendimiento tranquilo
puede ser debido a un malentedimiento.
nos faltan los términos correctos para designar las relaciones entre phenomena espiritual y lo que se puede tocar.
no tomen las palabras como realidad como lo hacen varios intelectuales, si no como símbolos
las palabras son nombres que no, y no pueden tener otra función mas que de ilustración symbolica.


Blowin' up in the Bible Belt
Like televised evangelists
On half-sunken thrones
In the sands of Ozymandias
Lyrically, who can stand with us?
The demands of my family's funds
Had your crew lookin' like Angelus nuns
Track stars on the canvas we run
Advantages of cannabis granted expansion
Now, the mantas is done
Uncorrupted, uninterrupted
Controls set at the hearts of eighty suns that erupted
Greatly funded abruptly disrupted
Speech is conducted
The game is abducted
Yet seductively
Each lane got obstructed
I am what's up, kid, youngin', son, kin, daughter, brotha, sista, otha nigga, God
You are a great one!
I'm a great one too!
Shelve my writtens with the late Sun-Tzu
Store my music where you crate Pun's tunes
You could never over-rate, nor could fate undo
A date's run through the cycle
Michaels known as idols pushed the pace to pulse you vitals
Now, it's Genesis
Lendin' this
Pens' endless
Generous menace's premises aiming at efficient
Gaming magnificent
Communicating quality, a name proclaimed sufficient
Rumor-stating policies of shameful, tame assistants
Remainin' inconsistent
Distant supervision got me pigeon-held as non-existent
My mission's a shipment that's got you flippant,
Insistent to listen different in an instant
Imminent resistance mows right through
Those foes with their most prized shoes
On display tryna gloat 'bout their boat's bright hue
I couldn't give a motherfuck if his bro's Pyru
Affiliated or there's no ties to
I played defensive like a low Ryu,
Wrote the G.O.A.T.,
Then left 'em smokin' like the dro I blew
On this stage, what you grossed, I drew
Tear a track up
I flare and air attack-up
Prayers for backup left you mercy and a slow haiku
Track Name: Stream of Conciousness (Backtracking) feat. Latreece and John Proctor
Jealousy, sexy and sultry
She had to revolt me
Until I imploded
I let her into my home
She eroded all the upholstery
I suppose that's why, when I have notes at my disposal,
I'll pull you in closely
Presence is ghostly
Mostly handle my biz
"My man, what it is?"
Same shit that's been down
Since Bricktown
Northeast 2-0
Me and my pops used to cruise slow
Plannin' to do shows
One day
Now, I'm in love with the future
Witness ambition carry my chariot when it swung high and swooped low
And perished my crew like Crusoe
And cast me away from the light
I learned to work without sight
Now, I'm the man on that mic
That rolled-slow
Tarintino suitcase/trunk full of gold glow
Houdini, the hand of the slight
I'm on my Jefferson shit.
Movin' on up in this bitch
Submission direct
Deliverin' hits


Submission direct
Deliverin' hits
A river of Shlitz
In which we bury the monsters fought
Thoughts like Foster got
Lyrical cosmonaut
How we got lost a lot
Now, G-Men are schemin'
I'm teamin' up
Even the roster hot
Believe in an entrepreneur
With contraband newer
That' tellin' you,
"Even the boss I got
You ought to cop"
The top that's bought
And you tossed a shot
Throwed down and it cost a knot
You feel like you stepped to the rasta spot
Tastin' ganja that gotcha got
Eyes see with the ocular
What on the blocked occurred hotter than popular
Even the doc concurred
When I'm rockin', my clocks recur

John Proctor:

Our name is legion
Remain strong season to season
For no other reason
than what we relieved to believe in
we believe in leaving
Things on the web it's like an audio handbill
What in the Sam Hill
Das spaten in Das boot like I was landfill
So your saying I owe you and If I don't have it we're at a standstill
That's too bad the scrilla I have in my possession amounts to nil
The number of tracks you kill could fit in a cap or pill
Naw I'm acting like an actor still
Spray water outta daffodil
I'll often joke ya
Like a clown drinking soda far to much will often smoke ya
Plus I'm a smoker
Shit so many vices got a grip on me my eyes look like a 1990 stock broker's
My face stuck dragging never change playing real life poker
But motherfuck a life sober.
Something's gotta ease the whack.
This drinks a little strong I didn't mean to make it that
Tit for tat
Man you better dread the misread information infrared
Tornup hit your head
Track Name: Misty Mnt. Hip-Hop feat. Illicit D, Kid Brash, and Emmanuel Profit
No time to sit back on the track, b
I'm an athlete on any backbeat that attract me
I'm accurately, actually factual
You're lackin'
What the freak's the frackin' racket?
Buddy Hackin'?
Free the kraken.
Vernacular artillery
I pack then I go
Same cat in the hat the got your game like tic-tack-toe, jack
I need my drums dumb
I'm someone.
Go hard like Jesse Jackson
Cut your president's nut's off
The mutt bastard's rough cough
Muffled by tough cloth
Mid-air suspension
Sirens demanding my attention
Needless to mention,
Keep to self on some witness prevention
I got these assholes' ass cheeks clenchin' again
And yes, I sob deep in my sleep: My Saab deep with squad peeps ready to squat on your street
You got a fuckin' problem?
It's no problem to meet
Who hit the bottom of the Ottoman Empire?
Soon after droppin' "Autumn", got to jottin'
Now, you wanna compete?
The plot is hot, so we allot 'em the beat
Bravado, motto non-provocative
You shot 'em with a thought incomplete
Who be liver than Barry Allen Iverson?
Shittin' vegan bacon/spittin' on your kaiser bun
Spit the river Niger, son
Fit your cypher tighter
Run game with a stun gun
Aimed on the biter one
Easy writer
I MacGyver puns

Illicit D:

Black mask on my face tied to the back
Spraypaint and a uzi in my backpack
Infiltrate the facility and eliminate
It's what I do to keep food on my dinner plate
Artist with the bade precise when I illustrate
Paint a picture with kitana on your fuckin' face (Bitch)
Leavin' body parts scattered all over the place
Chalk outlines like the scene of a murder case

Kid Brash:

I'm medical with the switchblade
Medicinal grass lining the skins
Ill in the worst of ways like, "Crime pays"
I spew sicker than your worst sin
Higher than divorce pays
The collision is settling in
And for this reason, I'm committing treason
Abandoning what I once knew to be the truth
For a microphone, a blunt, and gold tooth
Brush the dust off my pant leg
Then I boot-scoot
Like a jughead in the middle of the loot
It's time to pay the piper with the Jethro Tull flute
I used to never pack a punch
And I never went H.A.M. like a vegan brunch
Deleting spam e-mails
Tryna crunch numbers
And I really never slumber any more
This little cat naps to maintain the lion' roar
Linoleum floor black-outs from black hole to sun-soar

Emmanuel Profit:

Take off the metronome, it's better when you're gone. Like rolling with no handlebars, it's shaky when you're thrown. And I'm thowed, and I told you, I couldn't spit at all. I'm slippin' into unknown territory, luckily, illycit D's trajectory analysis, has given me the scenic route, passing the clouds before we rendezvous.


I work smarter
It gets harder to mind mine
Feelin' like a Black Einstein, I find time
Lookin' like a Black Einstein, I grind, climb
Feelin' like a Black Einstein, I find time
Lookin' like a Back Einstein, I grind, climb corporate ladders
Bores and mad hatters chatter
No matter
My brain develops strain on Mercury like the latter
Feelin' like a Back Einstein, I find time
Lookin' like a Black Einstein, I grind, climb corporate ladders
Bores and mad hatters chatter
No matter
See through fatter cats like cataracts
The atom-smash platter
Servin' the splattered data
Add a mood
Respond with gratitude
Attitude just
Bust with no rust
Encrusted, the Earth dust
Trust in the fuss
We hustle the lust-must (What)
Feelin' like a Back Einstein, I find time
Lookin' like a Black Einstein, I grind, climb
Track Name: Ghodyly
The ceilin' in hella need of an elevatin' ovation
Thus, the animated implementation of
"Throw your hands in the sky"
In spite of all the divided, implied guidelines, fly
When we ride by, pressure mad applied
We shootin' it
"Straight y'all"
Hate y'all all not here to play with or even debate y'all
Straight fall die
"Throw your hands in the sky!"
As we ride through this side of the mind
Tight and in time with the fight of this kind
You wanted it
Now, were bringin' it home to you
"Straight y'all"
Die-hard dickriders demanded more
What in the fuck for?
Swore to bring that gore to your door
You punk whore
Your deck of Hatians
Get decked and dealt with in this decimation
I wreck cremations
All of your patrons fall under my estimations
You're recreation
I check for sects Inspect their Decks then flex creations
Burn the ballot of any electing nations
Stone masked assassins back-spinnin' and cracked in impact of the action
My army's flaskin' your blood
Then takin' it back in exactly the mapped rations
Portioned out by the captain
With war artist's combative compassion
Now your shack's ashen attacked and subtracted in a whacked fashion
Your man's second handin' my action just as 'em
Twitch muscles frenetic
Bitches hustled and jetted
Tussle kinetic?
You jimmy rustled just in phonetics
I roped a dope prophetic
It's copacetic
Hopeless scopes unfocused in lead pong
I'm the dopest you're dead (wrong)
Free flowed
In a beast mode
On a tree toad
Tryna decode
What I bestowed
The debris showed
Your amigos
In breeze mowed
I'm illin' killin' mosquitos with torpedoes
Cancerous ego I see that you're barin' is tearin' you up and I'm swearin'
Your chemo's a placebo
Then you erode
Tryna freeload
On my whole steelo
Bitch, what is T owed?
Just your whole street sewed with 'bout a kilo
Of a too-deep code
That I free throwed
I wasn't intendin' to repo
Every chick you were lovin's libido
But I'm me, doe
Send me hate and I'm sendin' you below
My credo's gonna move against a copper's whole platoon of hicks
Y'all got me feelin' like the homicidal lunatic within
I got you weakened, beaten
Feastin' on kin that you dreamed of keepin',
Kidnap your seed then I teach 'em to leave you bleedin'
We're even.
Track Name: Lala
Sing at Impala's Gala
Ring back like, "Call a balla"
Kabbalah, if you make them dollas,
Holla, "Lala", Allah

Larger memory
Grand investment manifested with the energy
No diggity
My inner peace: the mineral in me
Menacin' men become my mortal enemies
Win divinity when in immortal combat
Troubadour knew, "Screw the door view,
Through the portal contact that higher plane"
Gravel dazzle
But I travel with the nonfat, wombat aura
Devils deal in contracts
Revel in Gomorrah
Level Señora Pandora's shadowboxin'
Toxins overcast like nimbus
But I'm over cash dependance
Remnants of a past horrendous

So, sing at Impala's Gala
Ring back like, "Call a balla"
Kabbalah, if you burn them dollas,
Holla, "Lala", Allah

Mass in the middle taxin' a little action in riddle
Stackin' fat, then gotta ask for McGriddles
Crass with the fiddle blastin' the vast class gassed past
Widdle, no acquital, 'til the viddles hit the mandible
Fast, but it's understandable
With a lighter, take your fire
Ignite a fight on a tyrannical
Band of bulls mechanical
Expose their way of life as flammible
Material wealth ain't the only thing that's tangible
So, make your frame of mind expandable
In the midst of a slavery economic
We get it sparkin' atomic
Embarkin' on a symphonic markin' out of dark, demonic, iconic, Masonic figures
The destiny's manifestation
Opportunist inflation
Sprayed with hypnotic phonics
Amplified electronic
Bionic tonic harmonics
Ebonic sonic chronic

Lala, lala, Allah
Track Name: Texas Hold 'Em
Riverboat gambled on the bayou
Misty Mountain
Typhoon season
You catch haiku hypothermia
All you children Dragon Tale-in'/Caillou
Must drug enhance performances so you can do what I do
Bastard nephew of my Uncle Sam
Complicated loyalty
Rests with my estate
Remain straight with the royalty
From the faucet to the motherfuckin' drain
Aim for flushes when in season
New jacks committin' treason

Stranded in a swamp, a student stumbled on a steamboat
Loudmouthed chimney head, cloud grey spray say,
"Don't approach the table
unless you've paid for cable for a minimum of twenty years
Or shop at JC Penny/Sears"
A vagrant's sense of humor tested so he spins his stack...
"I called his bluff last Fall! Who wants to win it back?!"
Never caught the Reich's lip.
Reflex reminiscent of lumbermen on washboards
Full house mic grip
Texas purple spike shit

I found your tell
Schemin' but I read you well
Your kingdom seeks a ruler
Queen wearin' a see-through veil
The student bellows,
"All in! Fair game!"
His balls big in his chair as they were in the chimney's dame
The student's studdy buddy should've better hidden his hand
Riddle ridden, his knees are funny and he's out ten grand
Don't approach the table unless you're Cain or Abel
And you're looking for your dad to drive a steamboat home
Track Name: Culture Ain't Shit (No Mas)
Hopin', workin', and wishin'
I'm driven to be makin' a livin' in musicianin'
Got appetite and ambition
My practice makin' precision
'Cause I've never been the type too content with identities
That governments, corporations, or schools every tried givin' me
I sever lies devised to limit me on MTV,
an empty sea of dim emcees
turning to mini-me's that envy me
I seek the culture
Conventionals say it's lost
'Cause culture ain't about shit
Until it's about cost

Culture ain't shit no mas
Customers, suckers, fiends
Conceded it's what they need
"Culture ain't about shit until it's about greed"

Now, they're pleadin'
"No more feedin' all these cretins that be eatin' all discrete and shit
They got the weakest sequence
T drops frequent hits"
Repeat it and check the coda
Not a status quota
My psychic skill on mics is hyperchill
I'm like Yoda spikin' a loaded vicodin soda
These photon bombs drop
Protons gettin' split off
Can't even get their shit off
'Cause my flows won non-stop
Dig it
I'm on top of a onslaught
Get a long yacht in a pond shot
Then respond hot in a pawn shop

Hip-hop livin' rootless
On life support for the ruthless
And ravenous avarice useless
Except to make us clueless, monopoly men, or roofless
You doofus, it's fuckin' foolish abusin' powers of music
A few licks leave you toothless
My rhymes sicker
Than mines tickin'
The grind quicker
With spine-kickin'
Divine scripture you find pictures in
Signed niggas designed chicken
Aligned, stricken with Wiccan witchcraft
I define Dickens with writtens
That "dick-shaftin'" line's
Bitten one hundred and eight million times
Rewind, I'll remind you who dines unconfined
Shittin' on any opponent emcee
Components of me:
Definite omens specifically chosen for Romans that be
Mad and devoted with glee to ambition
Beware of the ides of this March
You play Witten,
Catch bullets, reside with the sharks
Then your body left stiffer
Supplied with the starch
I stride wide then glide with an arch

Flow frosbit
Gropin' your lobe, tossed it
Boss and the dope cross wits
Awesome, you're so cautious
Lit it, it's so caustic
Frettin' the Slo Crostic
Kickin' the diagnostic
Heads on fences Agnostic

So, Tornup gettin' stupid as a stagnant-ass stoop kid
Tryna spit it like Coop did
Old crime, but a new bid
Goldmine on a cold rhyme
Tarzan in a bar band
Lee Roth in a loin cloth
Fuck a grand
I'll be worth our land if I'm worth my sand
If I'm banned, fuck you
I'll be damned with my contraband
If, and when, it's on demand
...Nah, we don't give a fuck
Fake it, get money, and dash
Culture ain't about shit
Until it's about cash

Culture ain't shit no mo'
Bars, hooks, beats, Mickey D's logo
Louie V's hella steez
Berto G.'s mojo
Stay sharp
Old folks fear the kids' new crimes
Kid fear time
Time fears pyramids, rhymes
Track Name: Hypocri...
Assigned a dollar sign to chase, I'm slavin' in a rave
State of mind grave
Grindin' to recline in a cave
Fine save with the sine wave tidal
You pine, crave
Watchn' your suicidal idols ballet recital
Shit was glamorous
They mechanically bust out the "can't-cope" sandwiches
Cobain babies pamper us
No time to find new spines
Raheem did the right thing
I do mine

Still, I'm casually adaptable
I'm practical and easy
Capital wanna seize me
Dine with the swine if you're findin' the trough sippable
Cough chemecals
Scoff, soft cynical minds
Seminal criminal lines
And times change, but their rhymes don't
Ever last
On their grind, what they find won't
Sentence sender sock ya
Fender bend yer chakras
See who win
Then we "sy" your end
Finish hypocri...

And you could get the whole world goin' with one rhyme
That's why I did this shit one time for one mind
Who's world is this?
I never met a people less responsible
Prancing matadors fancily taunt the bull
Constant poverty producing less responsive constables
Wannabe monsters fronted then flaunted
I'm hunted
I'm wanted
And if you phonies ask me, I'll say that I'm never better, fuck your girl, look you in the eye, and say I never met her
Hardly regrettably led to be dead in the arteries of the heart of heart's of me instead of me
What you said to me couldn't startle the start of me, Bartleby
Where's your fuckin' aim?
Thunder monk ablaze, but I outsmart the flame
And all the while, mild child rappers think it's meal time
Couldn't spit a for real rhyme
But fuck it

Still, I'm casually adaptable
I'm practical and easy
Capital wanna seize me
Dine with the swine if you're findin' the trough sippable
Cough chemecals
Scoff, soft cynical minds
Seminal criminal lines
And times change, but their rhymes don't
Ever last
On their grind, what they find won't
Sentence sender sock ya
Fender bend yer chakras
See who win
Then we "sy" your end
Finish hypocri...

Lady Liberty wants the crime to stop
She oughta know asking for compromise is like asking for time to stop.
She's in the finer shops
Waiting in line with cops
But I'm not
So when I hear a dime drop,
I find my mind is fine to pop, lock, and drop 'em all
Shock, appall
Eradicate the piglet's whole flock slop and all
Recall the anxious silence of the people you would oppress?
This is the 21st Century
Believe the address
No rest
Track Name: Medicinal Fretwork
I'm one with the beat
It's yellin' "FREE ONE DEEP"
'Til I see son in the street
Let's get it

Suckers mad I get it and be broke as fuck
While you become a ho for dough
A chokin' slut with coke in butt
I beg your pardon
I joke 'bout what you're soakin' up
Alchemy with Talcom powder
Malcolm 'bout a golden rush
Falcon power
Press it cold then crush growlin' doubters
Texas hold then flush
"Alvin!" shouters festin' bold can hush never
Dave's endeavors handled much too clever
That's how I'm shoutin' it out for Dentron freaks
Big D creeps
And Funkytown peeps
Reapin' heaps when I leap and sow deep
No sleep
Rules unabided
First week on planet Earth, Elohim got more days off than I did
Liberty and justice undivided
One-man nation's will
You wouldn't try to fight it
He's too decidedly calm
Kinda dude who chills in gold forts embalmbed
I jot Dickens
The plot thickens with Big Fiction
When in danger, I'm backed,
But nothing's stranger than fact
Hermione Granger in tact
I got that magical
Rap classical
Rad, Jurassic, foolish, cool touch
Rhymes all day
Time tabled schemes
Mine fables sublime, stable
They labeled the meek weak in the slum 'n
Now I slaughter sheiks
If they heat-seek,
They can hear me comin'

But they don't hear me talkin'
Music grind been stalkin
Walkin' in a Kingdom Balken
Flyin' over what you're buyin'
Sprayin' in the Himalayans
But they don't see me comin'
Strummin' nothin' into somethin'
Dumb and down-and-out your bummin'
Numbin' with the pen I'm runnin'
Bumpin' Robert Crumbin' gummin'
Damn, he got 'em hummin'

Bi-polar extremity
My molar the remedy
Still lookin' to skies
While I'm dyin' to buck like Yosemite
Die-controller, roller
Flyer to higher than infinity
Buzzin' with a vice: beer
Lightyears beyond night fears
In a plight quite trite, I smite peers
It's just a tight situation
I fight tears
I feel the density
intensive sensibly.
Prints of me
stenciled extensively,
hence, I'm defensive
when it's meant to be,
it's meant to be.
You're sent to me.
I'm runnin' off with you mentally.
Potentially realized,
meanwhile, sequentially,
The ventin' spree
could kill a Viacom network's networth.
Your neck jerks
in seconds. The tech murks
an expert in exploit: Medicinal Fretwork,
the whole joint you listened to,
I taught you to jet Earth.
Debt birthed cadets.
Gazettes dueted with set jerks.
Went in to wreck and didn't know who to wet first.
But it's a gift
how I sift
through the social rift.
Got a spliff.
Caught a lift.
21 dollar shift.
through the ocean of sound
Deep in the motion I drowned.
It's profound.
I'm astounded I found ground
Track Name: Bombastic
'Nam bomb the plastic
Comcasted pomp stomped Jurassic
Every line that I spit comes with a silver lining
Your family's Stuart Little
Malcolm In The Middle
Mine's The Shining
Real kings never stall when the dinner's great
Your gun filabusts?
My incinerator demonstrates,
It eliminates,
then incriminates
Plus, it renovates
when it penetrates
Thus, inseminates while it stimulates
Then it innovates
Then you imitate
Motherfucker's bodies disintegrate
We regenerate with the bombastic
Lit like the matchstick
Blunt hashed, split, hit fast. Ashed it
Toms active ripped like the fabric stripped, equipped, gypped
Havoc gripped
Magic spit spastic
Heads flip gymnastic
Trash got thrashed that's iconoclastic
Class is schoolastic
Blasted sarcastic unenthusiastic brash kids
Kevin Nashed, they crashed into canvas
Chokeslammed, smashed with teeth mashed and bashed sick
Last dick's ass kicked came at me drastic
Casketed quick, but first, he rocked a plastic gastric
None more raw
Runnin' it like it's Warsaw
Comin' in stormin'
A Norman tornado
You wore a floored jaw
You wanna know the score? The draw?
Hit the floor in awe
Tornup's illin' pullin' guns
Wolf rockin' wool for none
Paid in full and fun
I burn the funds then bust a stupid move while out and in the sun
Clout spun in the drought
It sprouted the outdone.